Eezi Awn XKLUSIV T-Top 1600 Roof Top Tent
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Eezi Awn XKLUSIV T-Top 1600 Roof Top Tent

The XKLUSIV T-Top 1600 Roof Top Tent is a very spacious tent for two, or to include a small child as well. And sleeping space for 2 more in the ground level room. This tent width is more appropriate to mount for entry from either side of the vehicle, and preferably supported by at least 3 load bars.

The XKLUSIV T-Top is the flag ship model for Eezi-Awn in their folding platform design. Made from the same demanding materials and standards as the Series 3, the new XKLUSIV T-Top offers several new and ingenious innovations. This tent comes with an elevated roof line above the ladder entrance, a 4 wall enclosed room to the ground, and an easy to use ladder extension built into the ladder itself.


Item #1230
Dimensions (closed) 48"L x 63"W x 11"H
Dimensions (open) 96"L x 63"W x 51"H
Dimensions (clearance) Add 2-3" to closed length and width for fabric and cover
Dimensions (room) 63"W x 78"L
Dimensions (room height) 78" high wall panels
Mattress 2-1/2" fabric covered foam
Comparable width Queen size bed
Color Olive or Beige
Weight 205 lbs, including ladder and detachable wall panels


  • Item #: EZA127
  • Manufacturer: Eezi Awn

Eezi Awn XKLUSIV T-Top 1600 Roof Top Tent

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