Eezi Awn XKLUSIV T-Top Family Roof Top Tent
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Eezi Awn XKLUSIV T-Top Family Roof Top Tent


The XKLUSIV T-Top Family (2200) Roof Top Tent is the largest roof tent Eezi-Awn offers. It has 2 ladders, and a removable center dividing wall. It is large enough for 4 adults on the upper level and 3-4 more on the lower level. This tent width requires mounting for entry from either side of the vehicle or trailer, and to be supported by a minimum of 4 load bars.

The XKLUSIV T-Top is the flag ship model for Eezi-Awn in their folding platform design. Made from the same demanding materials and standards as the Series 3, the new XKLUSIV T-Top offers several new and ingenious innovations. This tent comes with an elevated roof line above the ladder entrance, and an easy to use ladder extension built into the ladder itself.


Item #1240
Dimensions (closed) 48"L x 87"W x 11"H
Dimensions (open) 96"L x 87"W x 51"H
Dimensions (clearance) Add 2-3" to closed length and width for fabric and cover
Dimensions (room) 87"W x 78"L
Dimensions (room height) 78" high wall panels
Mattress 2-1/2" fabric covered foam
Comparable width 2 Twin size beds
Color Olive or Beige
Weight 255 lbs, including ladder and detachable wall panels


  • Item #: EZA129
  • Manufacturer: Eezi Awn

Eezi Awn XKLUSIV T-Top Family Roof Top Tent

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