FOOTWELL WATER TANK - 40L (10.57 Gallons)
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The Front Runner tank is extremely strong and shaped to sit on the vehicle floor behind the front seats in cars and wagons.   The cutout spans the transmission tunnel.  The non slip top section can be used as a floor for children or for loading luggage etc.

Made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free.

Holds 10.57 gallons

WEIGHT:  11 lbs

SIZE:  47” (W) x 6.9” (H) x  9.7”(D)

The CUT OUT is 9.9” wide at the center and  4.3” high. 

This tank ships with a Raco quick connect universal adapter on the end of the 12mm hose. Most quick connect adapters (brands like Orbit, Melnor, Gardena, Gilmour, Claber) found at any hardware store will work. Attach any standard garden hose fittings, and/or a shut off valve, etc.

The universal quick connect adapter can be removed to install a classic garden hose fitting at the end of the supplied hose. Look for a male garden hose thread with a 5/8” flare fitting. We suggest a product like the Gilmore 5/8” Male Mender.

If children are to be seated in the rear, the tank can be strapped to the front seat mounts using normal ratchet tie down straps.

Has a water outlet on each side of the tank.

The tank has an outlet each side to position the hose or a second hose can be used to allow an outlet each side.  If only one outlet is used, the tank will need to be lifted to access the last amount of water.

  • Item #: WTAN022
  • Manufacturer: Front Runner

FOOTWELL WATER TANK - 40L (10.57 Gallons)

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