Front Runner Universal Water Tank - 67l / 17.7Gal
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For showers, drinking, and cooking, this universal 67l (17.7gal) water tank mounts to the Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack or any flat surface with our Front Runner Universal Roof Mounting Brackets for Universal Water Tank.
Moulded with slots along the sides of the tank to accomodate tie-down straps.
67l (17.7gal) capacity.
Made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free.
Material used:
Tank: BPA-free polyethylene
Fittings: Plastic
67l (17.7gal)
Product Dimensions:
L 950mm (37.4") x H 260mm (10.2") x W 300mm (11.8")
6.98kg (15.4lbs)

  • Item #: WTAN023
  • Manufacturer: Front Runner

Front Runner Universal Water Tank - 67l / 17.7Gal

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