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Ursa Minor Jeep JK hard top conversion J180.

This version of the Ursa Minor replacement hard top incorporates a fold-over tent camper for up to four adults.

  • Bed platform opens over hood of vehicle for minimal footprint.
  • Over 7' standing room in access way when open, 48" headroom in tent, and 56 square feet of living space.
  • Access into tent from inside or outside of the vehicle.
  • Quick, easy set up/take down from exterior with torsion spring assist.
  • Tough, breathable, fade and water resistant Australian Coolahba canvas tent.
  • Panoramic views and ventilation with zippered screened windows on all four sides, and zippered doors on the side.
  • Front Interior headliner of the J180 and J30 can have 12 volt or USB outlets added, and further organized with the Navigator option. This option allows for flat multi-use storage for CDs, maps, charts or an atlas, and even small items such business cards.
  • The tent has mesh on all sides, backed by canvas for rainy days.
  • With the hatch panels in place, the bed is 7 feet x 4 feet wide.
  • The access way is covered by two hatch panels, which can be pivoted up to let one person out while another person is still sleeping.
  • One or both hatch panels can be completely removed for standing room.
  • Jeep Hard Top - Rear Interior, solid rear quarter: The interior of the shell is lined with a durable black carpet. The rear shell can be ordered with or without the rear quarter glass.



Order Process

Production of the camper assembly starts with payment of a non-refundable 10% down payment via Visa, MasterCard or check.  Reciept of deposit initiates production and unique configuration of your camper order.



We are committed to building high-quality campers that exceed expectations. The turn-around for an order ranges from 6- 8 weeks from payment of deposit, depending on season and our backlog. Once an order is placed , we'll confirm a date for shipment or installation so you can make plans.


We can install your top at our facility.


Order Option Details

+  Color Paint Match - Roof Top

+ $750

 + Color Paint Match - Shell Body

+ $500

 + Driver Side Rear Quarter Glass

+ $250

 + Pass Side Rear Quarter Glass

+ $250

 + Thule Aerobar Rack

+ $650

 + 12 Volt Outlet + $50
 + Dual USB Port + $50
 + Navigator Headliner Organizer + $150
 + Rear Load Bay LED lighting + $150

 + Customization


Please contact us for more details.

  • Item #: J180
  • Manufacturer: Ursa Minor


Price: $9,800.00
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