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50L slanted water tank (13.2 gallons)

Made from food grade polyethylene and is BPA free.

Filler at top, hose at bottom.

The contour is designed as a space saver that fits snug behind the slant of the rear seat of most 4x4s and SUVs.

SIZE: 39.37L x 7.5W x 13.78H

Please visit downloads for detailed schematic as well as an accurate 3d model.


This tank ships with a Raco quick connect universal adapter on the end of the 12mm hose. Most quick connect adapters (brands like Orbit, Melnor, Gardena, Gilmour, Claber) found at any hardware store will work. Attach any standard garden hose fittings, and/or a shut off valve, etc.

The universal quick connect adapter can be removed to install a classic garden hose fitting at the end of the supplied hose. Look for a male garden hose thread with a 5/8” flare fitting. We suggest a product like the Gilmore 5/8” Male Mender.

Supplied with hose but not with mounting straps.

The tank is designed with 2 channels to hold mounting straps.

Tip:  Water tanks are best stored completely dry.  Water in any type of small tank (stainless steel or Poly) will get stale and have a taint to the taste over a period of time.  Tanks should be cleaned periodically. We recommend using 1 part bleach to 6 parts water, letting the solution sit overnight and then thoroughly flush out. If water was sitting in the tank over a long time and a bad taste persists -- use baking soda to flush out the tank and repeat as necessary.

  • Item #: WTAN008
  • Manufacturer: Front Runner


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