TJM 10000lb Stealth Series Winch
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A TJM winch is the essential risk management tool when venturing to remote locations and upping the stakes of your 4WD adventure. TJM winches operate using a rotating drum system with super strength synthetic rope. Catering to different vehicle weights, TJM winches can be fitted to the front or rear of the vehicle then attached to nearby trees, rocks or TJM ground anchors.

TJM Winch Rope

TJM Winch Rope is made using the world's strongest synthetic rope, Dyneema (SK-75). TJM winch rope is only a fraction of the weight of steel cable, but is impressively up to 45% stronger. This makes the TJM winch rope more convenient and safer than conventional steel wire cable, and unlike wire cable, synthetic winch rope has minimal snapback on weight limit exceeded breakages. Due to the rope's light weight, TJM winch rope handles easily and even floats on water. This makes the M-P winch rope great for rescues in water, on steep hills or in mountains, where weight really matters. More advantages include no curls, kinks, wire splinters or sore fingers. TJM synthetic winch rope comes with stainless steel thimble and a 10 ft. heat guard to protect the rope from winch overheating.

Solenoid vs. TJM Gen2 Contactor Winch Control:

Solenoid: 1940's technology. Specifically, the electro-mechanical solenoids used to control the high-amperage power to the winch motor. There are usually four, two for powering the winch motor & drum "in" and two for "out". As an example, take look at t the solenoids from the Warn winch (pre 2011 and current VR models) above. These solenoids on a modern planetary winch are either under a black plastic cover or integrated in the winch body/cover. These Warn solenoids above are just old Ford tractor "starter" solenoids. They are prone to corrosion and failure, and can in fact fail in the "closed" position, which means your winch runs-on and can't be stopped without disconnecting the battery - not fun if you are winching "in"! Mostly though, they just quit working at the most inopportune time, right when you really need your winch!

TJM "Contactor" Winch Controller: A much better device for controlling winch motor power is the TJM DC contactor winch controller. Contactors are better sealed to corrosion, take up less space, and most importantly are designed to fail in the open position so your winch can't run-on. This single TJM contactor can replace all four solenoids..

Product Features

  • Extreme duty 7hp motor*
  • Built in wireless remote
  • Synthetic rope
  • Aluminium hawse fairlead
  • Over-sized locking hook
  • Patented knurled & hardened drum
  • Matte stealth black finish
  • Externally mounted battery switch
  • Mil-spec braided battery cables
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Item #: 947US10PDS
  • Manufacturer: TJM

TJM 10000lb Stealth Series Winch

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