TJM Jeep JK Wrangler T3 Winch Bumper Steel
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The TJM Jeep JK Type 3 Frontal Protection Bar has been designed to satisfy the demands of the discerning Jeep JK Wrangler owner.
Carefully crafted to suit the styling of the new Wrangler while providing maximum protection and a host of features.

With an outstanding approach angle and mounting points for even the largest of spotlights, increased viewing and access
area for the your winch, bow shackle mounting points, original equipment fog light provision, steering box guard and
a winch frame that takes an array of winches all standard on this attractive piece of metal. You just can't go past this
bar for value for money and it's available now.


  • Aerial Tabs
  • Airbag Compatible
  • Black Onyx
  • Bumper Replacement
  • Jacking Points
  • Steel Construction
  • Winch Compatible
  • Winch Frame Included



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  • Item #: tjm 070SO03N36Z
  • Manufacturer: TJM

TJM Jeep JK Wrangler T3 Winch Bumper Steel

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