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The Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack is unique among roof racks in that gear can be mounted and stored underneath the rack. We supply the rack, you supply the imagination.  How about your cumbersome sand ladders?  

Stowing a table away in a vehicle or on a roof rack has been awkward at best. Now there’s no excuse not to have the convenience of a table when you travel.

The under rack table slide was designed for the Front Runner Stainless Steel Camp Table, but can be used with the Front Runner Slimline Roof Rack to store any flat objects.

The slides come with a locking mechanism that attaches to the end of the Front Runner Stainless Steel Camp Table so that the table can be easily locked on to the rack.

WEIGHT: 4.4 lbs

Height: 2"
Width: 3.9"  (each slide)
Length: 33.5"

The storage slides can be used for something other than the Front Runner Stainless Steel Camp Table, The width of what the slides can hold is only limited by the width of your Roof Rack.  The length of your flat gear can exceed the length of the slides.  The length depends on the object, and how you plan on securing it in the slides or to the rack.  


Comes complete with 2 slides, all bolts, washer and nuts needed to mount the slide to the rack, and the locking mechanism to use in conjunction with any of the Front Runner Stainless Steel tables.

Drilling a hole through the rack is required if using the slides to hold the Front Runner stainless steel table. 

  • Item #: TBRA007
  • Manufacturer: Front Runner


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