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The "Book-End" Securing Mounts are 4 corner brackets with knockouts for hoses or additional mounting points for cargo straps.  

They slide along the t-slots and can be adjusted to any size needed.    

The "Book- Ends" bolt to the t-slots in the slats of the Slimline and Slimline II with the supplied eye nuts and can be hand tightened in place, making them convenient as a storage solution that may need to be adjusted frequently, like when used on the Front Runner Jeep JK SLII Interior Rack. 

The Front Runner "Book-End" Securing Mounts offer a stronger securing solution to the standard Eye Nut and is a perfect upgrade for off-road use or securing heavier objects.  


Powder coated Black, Stainless steel.

Includes: 4 "Book-End" brackets, 4 eyenuts

You will need Stratchits, or some sort of adjustable strap to secure your cargo using the "Book-Ends". 

  • Item #: RRAC030
  • Manufacturer: Front Runner


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