Wash Basin option
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TemboTusk has designed a beautiful, functional Camping Side Table.  The table is designed to fit into most storage drawer systems or other limited space environments.


The Camp Side Table  is constructed from metal and bamboo plywood, attached with stainless steel bolts.   


The Side Table will attach to any TemboTusk Camp Table and convert the  free standing tables into any configuration.  As an example the tables can be setup in an "L" shape, or stright line layout or even in a "T" layout.  All four side of the Side Table frame can be attached to a Camp Table.  The Side Table comes with a drop in warming tray/serving bin/wash basin and canvas storage bag. 


Wash Basin table dimensions:  15" x 15"  

Stainless Steel Basin is   12" x  9" x 2.5" deep 


The tables can be purchased separately or as a system.  They come in a tough canvas carry bag for convenience.

Proudly Made in USA.

  • Item #: WB -15x15
  • Manufacturer: Trembo Tusk

Wash Basin option

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